Spezialwerkzeug Tacho


Bei diesem Projekt ging es um den Bau von sechs Spezialwerkzeugen zur Entnahme und dem Einbau von Tachoeinheiten für alte Vespas. Die sechs verschieden Formen der Tachos mussten digitalisiert und so aufbereitet werden, dass sie mit der Fräse bearbeitet werden konnten.

Material: Uriol

Methode: Fräse

Background of the sound installation „Sound Wave“ is the merging of sound and form. The shape is derived from the results of numerous experiments. The forms support the respective speakers in their function, tailored to the intended frequency range. Thus arose heavy and voluminous bass reflex speakers and delicate high-frequency horns.
With CAD programs 3D models were created, which served as templates for cutting sheets for CNC Plottanlage.

It is forming a variation of forms and from a broad and ba- lanced sound spectrum.
The combination of spatial experience, sound distribution, vibration and formal language lets the viewer plunge into a new dimension of his senses. This work does not corres- pond to the classic product design, but rather to make the will to make tangible forms and combine with a function.

A collaboration with Sebastian Schrof.

This project was a collaboration with Pappwerke Klingele.

SS 2011, AdBK Stuttgart

Material: cardboard

Method: CNC cutting plotter